What is Montessori?

Montessori is an educational approach developed through extensive observations of how children learn. Dr. Montessori believed in education involving all the senses and the use of self-correcting manipulatives. Montessori is to the child “the preparation for life”.

What are Montessori principles?

Montessori is based on these key principles:

• A child's life is a continuum in which each stage of development is
preparation for the next steps in life and, ultimately a well prepared adult.

• Children naturally love to learn. The Montessori teacher is trained to provide
an environmentand direction that promotes learning through discovery
at the “child’s own pace”.

• Children are grouped in multi-aged classrooms. The older children in the class benefit from helping the younger ones, reinforcing their own knowledge by teaching.

• Children need to manipulate tangible objects in order to understand abstract concepts. When a child in a Montessori class has learned something, he or she has first seen, touched, researched or in some way discovered it personally.

Pine Top Philosophy

Pine Top is a place where each child is valued and given opportunity to become a
creative, capable, self-assured and independent thinking individual.
Pine Top children will have opportunity to reach for the best and have the best.

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